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Conversant Developers

If you're a UserLand Frontier™, Radio UserLand™, or OPML Editor developer, and you want to build on, learn, use, or expand Conversant, then you've come to the right place.

Please ask questions in the discussion forum (requires membership). Low-priority technical support via this forum is free. Production - support and inexpensive developer support contracts will be available soon.

How Do I Get a Copy?

Updated 3/30/2006

We're working on a brand new, open source release of Conversant. Until the release is ready, you can only get a copy of the software by contacting Macrobyte Resources.


With the decision to release Conversant as open source, we've also decided to (at least temporarily) stop selling licenses to the software. So, for now, you can't buy it at any price... but you can get it for free. See above.


Members of the press with questions about Conversant should contact Macrobyte Resources directly.

Last update: 3/30/2006; 1:57 PM

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