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RE: Conversant 1.0b1

Subject RE: Conversant 1.0b1
Posted 5/20/2002; 7:24 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 5/20/2002; 7:24 PM by Seth Dillingham
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On 5/20/02, David Carter-Tod said:

>Went smoothly.  Chose Autumn template, but the top left logo isn't 
>there.  It points to:

Thanks. We just (finally) moved to a conversant server after letting it lay dormant for over a year, and it took a few minutes to remember that the images were still at the old location.

It should work now, yes?

>Although I know that it's stored in the ODB, it was a little disconcerting 
>to see my password displayed to me in the administrators page during the 
>setup process.

You can change that in the installer prefs.

In fact, the passwords are stored that way in the installer, but not in Conversant after the installation.

>Does anyone have a recommendation for an e-mail server that I could run on 
>Windows?  Might such a recommendation be on the "requirements and 
>preparation" page?

I *don't* have such a recommendation, but I bet Greg does.


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