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RE: Conversant 1.0b1

Subject RE: Conversant 1.0b1
Posted 5/21/2002; 10:04 AM by David Carter-Tod
Last Modified 5/21/2002; 10:04 AM by David Carter-Tod
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At 08:37 PM 5/20/2002 -0400, Seth Dillingham wrote:
>I hope your experience with Conversant's installer was a little better
>than the last installer
>( you used.

You mean not having a singing animation while cursing the very ground on
which you walk :-)

I didn't install the e-mail interface. Assume that I've changed my mind -
how do I go about installing it
now? installConversantSuite.mailServer.install?

David Carter-Tod

Instructional Technologist/Distance Education Contact
Wytheville Community College, 1000 E. Main St.,
Wytheville, VA 24382
(wk) 276-223-4784

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RE: Conversant 1.0b1
5/21/2002 by Seth Dillingham
On 5/21/02, David Carter-Tod said: >I didn't install the e-mail interface.

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