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RE: Conversant 1.0b1

Subject RE: Conversant 1.0b1
Posted 5/21/2002; 7:41 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 5/21/2002; 7:41 PM by Seth Dillingham
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On 5/21/02, David Carter-Tod said:

>I didn't install the e-mail interface.  Assume that I've changed my mind - 
>how do I go about installing it now? installConversantSuite.mailServer.install?

I think that would work, actually, though it would be better if you "learned" how to do it via the admin interface. I'll walk you through it.

We'll pretend that your site's URL is

First, go to the admin interface.

You'll be asked to log on, because the admin interface uses HTTP Auth security instead of cookies. "For your protection."

At the top of the page is a row of faux buttons. Most of the way to the right is one which says, "System". Click on it.

On the left of the page is a blue navbar with four links. Click on "Preferences".

In the center of the page there are some preferences in a tab-panel-like interface. At the top of the box there are two tabs. Click on "Plugins."

This page has lots of checkboxes on it! Down the left you see a list of the plugins installed on your system. The fifth one down is named "Email Interface". Put a check in all four of the boxes in that row. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on "Save Changes".

You've now turned on the email interface.

Next, you need to set up the prefs.

On the left of the page there's a list of links, under the word "Preferences". Click on the word "Email" in that list.

The tab panel in the center now contains four of the five preferences that you would have entered in the installation wizard. Enter them all. (If something's confusing you there, use the help links, the little question marks.)

Now click on hte "New Sites" tab.

Set "Create Lists" to "No" unless you have access to a Letter-Rip Pro list server, or some other list server that you'd like to write a custom driver for. If either of those are true let us know, but I'll proceed as if they're not.

Set the second pref "XML-RPC List Engine?" to "No," unless the above condition is true.

The third pref is obvious: the full host name of your SMTP server.

Set the fourth pref to the SAME THING as the second pref, unless you have access to *any* list server on which you can create mailing lists to handle the outgoing mail load for Conversant. This is an EXCELLENT way to reduce the server load, but not necessary until you get into a busy production environment with lots of messages.

Set the fifth pref, "Notify Mail Server Admin?" to "Yes" so that you'll be told (via email) when a new conversation (site) has been setup, so that you can create the necessary email addresses and/or mailing list(s).

I'd appreciate it if you'd test these instructions out let me know where you have problems (if any). My next 2-3 weeks are devoted to writing documentation (among other writing tasks), and this seems like it's a question -- or the type of question -- that's likely to come up often.

(I'll include screen shots in the docs. I'd like to put them in here, but I'm using you as a guinea pig to find out how well my text, by itself, does the job. :-)


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RE: Conversant 1.0b1
5/22/2002 by David Carter-Tod
Fourth to last paragraph: Set the fourth pref to the SAME THING as the second

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