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RE: Conversant 1.0b1

Subject RE: Conversant 1.0b1
Posted 5/22/2002; 9:56 AM by David Carter-Tod
Last Modified 5/22/2002; 9:56 AM by David Carter-Tod
In Response To RE: Conversant 1.0b1 (#235)
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Fourth to last paragraph:

Set the fourth pref to the SAME THING as the second pref, unless you have access to *any* list server on which you can create mailing lists to handle the outgoing mail load for Conversant. This is an EXCELLENT way to reduce the server load, but not necessary until you get into a busy production environment with lots of messages.

Unless I'm in the wrong place, I think you mean that it should be left blank unless you say YES to the second pref.


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RE: Conversant 1.0b1
5/22/2002 by Seth Dillingham
On 5/22/02, David Carter-Tod said: >Unless I'm in the wrong place, I think

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