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Plug-in architecture

Subject Plug-in architecture
Posted 5/22/2002; 9:38 PM by David Davies
Last Modified 5/23/2002; 3:19 AM by David Davies
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Hi Guys!

I'm completely new to Conversant so I'd like to ask a question that'll influence my shift from Manila. I've got a lot invested in Manila plug-ins, those I've written myself and others. Is Conversant's plug-in architecture compatible with Manila's in any way? I'd expect there to be some differences not least due to Manila's quirkiness, but in principle can we easily port Manila plug-ins to Conversant? Do you have any recommendations for would-be plug-in developers, specifically on how best to share extensions to Conversant?

Thanks for offering an evaluation copy. I'll be taking a look for myself!

And good luck with Conversant!



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RE: Plug-in architecture
5/23/2002 by David Davies
Hi again I've kind of answered my own question by downloading the trial version

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