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RE: Plug-in architecture

Subject RE: Plug-in architecture
Posted 5/23/2002; 5:00 AM by David Davies
Last Modified 5/23/2002; 5:00 AM by David Davies
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Hi again

I've kind of answered my own question by downloading the trial version of Conversant and I've had a first look at the anatomy of a Conversant plugin. I understand that Manila plugins won't work out of the box but I expect a port is possible, especially if the plugin in question isn't too reliant upon Manila or mainResponder, which mine isn't. Are there any doc available to help a potential plugin developer get started? For example, I seem to have been able to create a Conversant plugin but have no idea how to develop an interface for it nor get it to appear in the list of plugins at /admin/system/preferences$section=Plugins, if indeed that is what i need to do to make it 'work'.

Any pointers will be gratefully received!



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RE: Plug-in architecture
5/23/2002 by Greg Pierce
On Thu, 23 May 2002 06:06:29 -0400, David Davies wrote: >I've kind of answered

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