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RE: Plug-in architecture

Subject RE: Plug-in architecture
Posted 5/23/2002; 5:29 PM by David Davies
Last Modified 5/23/2002; 5:29 PM by David Davies
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Hi guys

OK, I've made a plugin, restarted Conversant and activated my plugin via admin/system/preferences$section=Plugins

I'm familiar with the website fragment approach of Manila plugins whereby you create essentally a mini website within the plugin that's easily viewable via the web browser. How do I start making 'pages' for my Conversant plugin?

In my plugin's table I can see potential sub-tables for such a web site fragment but putting items in them doesn't make them available to the browser. For example, creating a new wp object in the 'pages' sub-table of the plugin doesn't do what I'd expect.

I'd appreciate a quick 2 minute tutorial on building a web site inside of a Conversant plugin.

BTW, I intend to document my exploits with Conversant in the off-chance that my stumblings will help someone else. For starters I'll create a 'how to get started with Conversant plugins' page in my blog.



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RE: Plug-in architecture
5/23/2002 by Seth Dillingham
On 5/23/02, David Davies said: >OK, I've made a plugin, restarted Conversant

RE: Plug-in architecture
5/23/2002 by Philippe Martin
Just some addition to Greg's and Seth's answers. At 18:35 -0400 23/05/02, David

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