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Conversant and (rearranged) CSS

Subject Conversant and (rearranged) CSS
Posted 5/26/2002; 9:41 PM by Clark Venable
Last Modified 5/26/2002; 9:42 PM by Clark Venable
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I’ve spent much of the last two days trying to find a css that will let me do table-less layouts in conversant. No luck. At first, I thought it was my own lack of CSS expertise (and it may yet be) but I now believe the difficulty lies in the manner in which Conversant re-arranges the CSS after it's submitted to it's built-in stylesheet-handling facility. I say this because if I have the template-generated web page saved to the local disk and link to the css on the local disk (before upload to Conversant), the page displays as intended. If I enter the css into Conversant and load a page using the css-savvy template pointing to the Conversant-generated style sheet, the layout is lost. When I compare the two, the only difference is the order in which the elements appear.

What I've done, btw, is create a blank style sheet and paste in the css (with comments removed, since leaving them seemed to screw things up). I did *not* include any of the original styles. BTW, the style sheets are on the web at

Now, one work around would be to simply upload the css to my static space and serve it without Conversant being involved (or serve it as an attachment). I believe it's worth tweaking Conversant so that the built-in style facilty can handle them for several reasons.

  1. Serious developers looking at Conversant will see the need for a workaround as a drawback.
  2. Doing style sheets in a way that breaks them make Conversant appear non-standards compliant
  3. CSS support is but another way in which Conversant trumps Manila ( I say this as a Manila server admin).



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Re: Conversant and (rearranged) CSS
5/26/2002 by Greg Pierce
On Sun, 26 May 2002 22:48:03 -0400, Clark Venable wrote: >Now, one work

RE: Conversant and (rearranged) CSS
5/26/2002 by Clark Venable
Ya. I just confirmed it. If I put the style sheet on a static server and link

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