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Re: Conversant and (rearranged) CSS

Subject Re: Conversant and (rearranged) CSS
Posted 5/26/2002; 10:16 PM by Clark Venable
Last Modified 5/26/2002; 10:16 PM by Clark Venable
In Response To Re: Conversant and (rearranged) CSS (#254)
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On 5/26/02 11:01 PM, "Greg Pierce" <> is rumored to have written:

> I haven't run into the ordering problem in actual functionality of my CSS to > date, but I don't have any sites that are fully formatted with CSS either, so > that's no surprise.

One option would be to have a flag for flDon'tAlphabetizeThisCssOrIt MightBreakIt that can be set from the style sheet editor page. (<--that's me trying to talk like a developer)

I really do believe that I'm not alone in my desire to move to CSS-only formatting while I'm in the process of moving my content to Conversant.

Hey, fixing this could be a reason for calling it Conversant 2.0.


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