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Re: Conversant and (rearranged) CSS

Subject Re: Conversant and (rearranged) CSS
Posted 5/27/2002; 8:26 PM by Samuel Reynolds
Last Modified 5/27/2002; 8:26 PM by Samuel Reynolds
In Response To Re: Conversant and (rearranged) CSS (#257)
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FWIW: I posted a note related to this on 5/17/02:$msgNum=4839

My specific application is a CSS-based tab panel. The sorting results in the a:hover being hidden, so the "tab" doesn't get highlighted as I intended.

- Sam

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Re: Conversant and (rearranged) CSS
5/27/2002 by Clark Venable
Sam, Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry I missed it. Clark On 5/27/02 9:32

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