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Should this be 2.0?

Subject Should this be 2.0?
Posted 5/28/2002; 5:55 AM by Clark Venable
Last Modified 5/28/2002; 5:55 AM by Clark Venable
In Response To Re: Conversant 1.0b2 Released (#267)
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I remember during the Radio 8 beta test period, Dave Winer asked the question, "Is there any reason this shouldn't be version 8 [rather than 7.1]?"

I now pose the question (which I suspect has already be kicked around within Macrobyte's executive wash rooms) "Is there any reason this shouldn't be verion 2.0 of Conversant?"

I would argue that the Conversant which has run Macrobyte's hosting service was version 1, and that the mere fact that this is user-installable and runs on an additional Userland app (Radio) makes it worthy of version 2. Hell, why not call it 'Conversant 11' and make the tag line: "This goes to eleven" (think Spinal Tap).


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