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RE: Conversant 1.0b2 Released

Subject RE: Conversant 1.0b2 Released
Posted 5/28/2002; 7:30 AM by Greg Pierce
Last Modified 5/28/2002; 7:30 AM by Greg Pierce
In Response To Re: Conversant 1.0b2 Released (#268)
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On Tue, 28 May 2002 06:46:16 -0400, Clark Venable wrote:
>> Can't update the root because "The server,,
>> returned error code 4: Can't send you an update because the sysop
>> hasn't registered a database named "Conversant Data.root".."

I've just checked in fixes for fact, before the release we cleaned out ConversantData so there's nothing in it that requires updates -- we just forgot to remove it from the list of update DBs. So you're not missing anything. If you update Conversant.root again and restart conversant, this error will go away.

>I was getting that error in b1 also, and it persists with beta 2
>One more thing.  When I choose to update ALL, a window opens entitled
>user.rootUpdates.updateOutline, but nothing ever gets written to it.

If you want to log updates, which is pretty good idea so you know what got installed, set...

user.rootUpdates.prefs.flShowUpdatesToUser = true

In your Frontier.root or Radio.root file.

This will also log Userland updates as well.


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