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installation problems

Subject installation problems
Posted 5/28/2002; 6:07 PM by Ned Balzer
Last Modified 5/28/2002; 6:07 PM by Ned Balzer
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Hello all,

Hope I'm not in the wrong place.

I want to try out Conversant because Manila isn't doing it for us as a discussion group platform. But I haven't gotten past the installation yet. I should mention I'm a Frontier/manila newbie -- still haven't gotten my bearings

OK, I followed the instructions: downloaded conversant_1.0b2.exe (windows self-extracting archive). Wan't sure where to put it so initially put it in d:frontierconversant (so when it extracted, it extracted to d:frontierconversantconversant_1.02b). Read the readme.txt which said to open installer.ftds from inside Frontier. Got a mesasge saying that the isntaller would now open in my browser.

Here's the rub: this machine is primarily a multihomed IIS server. It has about 8 different IP addresses. One of them is reserved for Frontier, but that's not the primary address. So, the installer didn't open in the browser, instead I got a 404: - page not found. When I changed this URL to, it seemed happier -- I didn't get an error, I just got a blank page.

That's where I sit. In case it's important this is a winnt 4.0 (service pack 6a) and I'm using Internet Explorer 5.0 as a browser. Oh, and Frontier is v 7.0.1

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

-- ned balzer

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Re: installation problems
5/28/2002 by Seth Dillingham
On 5/28/02, Ned Balzer said: >Hope I'm not in the wrong place. You certainly

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