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Re: installation problems

Subject Re: installation problems
Posted 5/28/2002; 6:48 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 5/28/2002; 6:48 PM by Seth Dillingham
In Response To installation problems (#277)
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On 5/28/02, Ned Balzer said:

>Hope I'm not in the wrong place.

You certainly are.

>I want to try out Conversant because Manila isn't doing it for us as a
>discussion group platform.  But I haven't gotten past the installation
>yet.  I should mention I'm a Frontier/manila newbie -- still haven't
>gotten my bearings

How long have you been using Frontier?

>OK, I followed the instructions: downloaded conversant_1.0b2.exe
>(windows self-extracting archive).  Wan't sure where to put it so
>initially put it in d:frontierconversant (so when it extracted, it
>extracted to d:frontierconversantconversant_1.02b).

That's a good start. We should tell you (on the download page) that it doesn't matter where you put it when you download it.

>Read the readme.txt which said to open installer.ftds from inside
>Frontier.  Got a mesasge saying that the isntaller would now open in my

Good, everything's working as it should.

>Here's the rub: this machine is primarily a multihomed IIS server.  It
>has about 8 different IP addresses.  One of them is reserved for
>Frontier, but that's not the primary address.  So, the installer didn't
>open in the browser, instead I got a 404:
> - page not found. When I
>changed this URL to, it seemed
>happier -- I didn't get an error, I just got a blank page.

Darn. I've been waiting for someone to run into a problem with how the installer gets started, but I certainly didn't want it to be a relatively new user (for your sake, not mine).

Some questions:

Is Frontier listening on the default port (80)?

How do you have Frontier set up to listen to just the one ip address? I think there may be two ways to do that, and it'll be easier to help if we know how you're set up.

Just to confirm: you have managed to serve something from Frontier (including Manila) before this, right? (I ask this because I want to make sure that you know the web server is working for other things.)

>That's where I sit.  In case it's important this is a winnt 4.0
>(service pack 6a) and I'm using Internet Explorer 5.0 as a browser. Oh,
>and Frontier is v 7.0.1

Ah, I think we have found the problem.

The installer requires Frontier 8 or Radio 8.

If your Frontier license is out of date so you can't upgrade to Frontier 8, then I recommend downloading a copy of Radio Userland, which is free for 30 days (which will hopefully be enough time for you to evaluate Conversant).

The truth is that the installer probably shouldn't require Radio 8 or Frontier 8, as 99.9% of Conversant is compatible with Frontier 7. We may have to rectify that.

If you have any more questions, be sure to write again.


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5/28/2002 by Seth Dillingham
On 5/28/02, Seth Dillingham said: >>Hope I'm not in the wrong place. > >You

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5/28/2002 by Ned Balzer
Hi Seth, Muchas Gracias! Well, I'll see tomorrow if I can talk the powers that

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