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RE: installation problems

Subject RE: installation problems
Posted 5/28/2002; 7:31 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 5/28/2002; 7:31 PM by Seth Dillingham
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On 5/28/02, Ned Balzer said:

>Well, I'll see tomorrow if I can talk the powers that be into upgrading Frontier.

OK, good.

>Yes, Frontier is listening on default port 80, on only IP
>; IIS listens on all the other IPs (but *not* on "all
>And yes, we are successfully serving a number of manila sites from this

That's good info. I thought the installer was watching for the ip entry in user.inetd.config.http, but apparently it ws forgotten.

>As for how I got Frontier to listen only on the single IP, I followed
>the advice at$213, to whit:
>-------------- snip ----------------------
>The Frontier configuration side of things
>... Once installed and updated, you need to configure Frontier to only
>use the single intended IP address:
>Open up the user.inetd.config.http table. 
>Add a new object named ip, a string, and set its value to the IP
>address that you would like Frontier to use. 
>Quit and restart Frontier. 
>------------- pins -----------------------

OK, good. I was just checking... you said that you were new to this, so I wanted to make sure you'd done everying correctly. Sounds like you're not *completely* new. :-)

>Does this help (or make a difference)?  And is there a newbies forum I should be asking these questions in?

No, this is the right place for questions like this.


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RE: installation problems
5/31/2002 by Ned Balzer
Hi Seth (and everybody), I've got other projects so unfortunately only can

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