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[ANN] MailForm Plugin for Conversant

Subject [ANN] MailForm Plugin for Conversant
Posted 5/29/2002; 11:56 AM by Greg Pierce
Last Modified 5/29/2002; 11:56 AM by Greg Pierce
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I've released a small plugin for Conversant that I did last month for a's called the MailForm
plugin. I'm just releasing this personally, it's not a Macrobyte-release. I thought I'd get it out there
because it's a nice small plugin that implements both a page type and's a bit easier to digest
than some of the larger plugins that ship with Conversant if anyone's seeking some sample code.

Download and details here:


MailForm plugin for Conversant
Release 1.0

The MailForm plugin is a simple plugin for the Conversant groupware platform from Macrobyte Resources
This plugin current provides two things, the MailForm page type and the #insertMailForm macro.
The MailForm page allow you to create any number of template-based HTML forms in your site, and have
the resulting posts from those forms emailed to any address. The #insertMailForm macro simply allows
you to place a mail form page's form elsewhere in the conversation...the macro must still point to an
existing mailform page to handle the form posts.



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Re: [ANN] MailForm Plugin for Conversant
5/29/2002 by Clark Venable
> > MailForm plugin for Conversant > Release 1.0 You read my mind. I was just

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