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Re: email servers

Subject Re: email servers
Posted 5/30/2002; 12:26 PM by Clark Venable
Last Modified 5/30/2002; 12:26 PM by Clark Venable
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I would definitely be interested in that. Yes. The price you quote is quite reasonable.


On 5/30/02 1:09 PM, "Seth Dillingham" <> is rumored to have written:

> Msg URL: > -------------------------------------------------- > > Hello everybody, > > I see that David Carter-Tod is having fun (sarcasm) reviewing mail servers > ( for use > with Conversant, and I had an idea. > > If Macrobyte were willing to provide a mail hosting service tailored > specifically for Conversant, on a monthly basis, would you be interested? > > We'd set it up so that a given mail exchange, like > (just a stupid example off the top of my head), has only a single account > which your Conversnat server would use to download it's messages. All other > mail sent to that mail host would forward to that one account. > > This is the zero-maintenance approach to Conversant's email interface. When > you create a new conversation, it would be automatically configured to use the > mail host here (based on the information you provide at installation, or to > the server admin system). You'd also have the option to use this same mail > server for outgoing mail from Conversant, but that wouldn't be required (some > ISP's don't allow you to use SMTP servers other than their own). > > If you find this idea interesting, would you pay for it? Be honest with me... > I don't see this as a big money maker, I'd just want to make enough to cover > Macrobyte's expenses. Would you pay a $20 setup fee, and $5 or $10 per month? > > There are other options, bu this is the one I like the best. > > Any interest? > > Seth > > -------------------------------------------------- > To Unsubscribe from this list visit: >$conversation=deve > lopers&plugin=Email%20Interface > > Please be thoughtful when quoting messages. Do not > quote more than is necessary (just what you are > responding to). > >

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