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RE: email servers

Subject RE: email servers
Posted 5/31/2002; 9:35 AM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 5/31/2002; 9:35 AM by Seth Dillingham
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On 5/31/02, David Carter-Tod said:

>Probably not what you want to hear,

All I want to hear is what people really think. :-)

(A "ka-ching" now and then doesn't hurt either.)

>but for trial users it might help to offer this for free, otherwise it's
>just a barrier to entry.  You can then ask them to pay up when the trial
>period expires if they plan to continue.

If someone just want to see how the email interface works, for free, we'll just recommend that they set up a site on free-conversant, which includes the email interface.


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