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adrObjectToServe not defined

Subject adrObjectToServe not defined
Posted 5/31/2002; 2:56 PM by John VanDyk
Last Modified 5/31/2002; 2:56 PM by John VanDyk
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My Conversant installation seems to be confused.

Any request to my IP results in

Error: Can't evaluate the expression because the name
"adrObjectToServe" hasn't been defined.
Time: Fri, 31 May 2002 19:44:08 GMT

Please report this error to the Webmaster.
["Hard Drive:Applications:Frontier:Guest Databases:ops:Conversant

Since I chose the "more compatible" installation of Conversant (i.e.,
I also want to run Manila) shouldn't the Conversant responder just be
getting out of the way?

I can fix this temporarily and use Manila by changing the IP address
at ConversantData.hosts but obviously that's not a solution.

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Re: adrObjectToServe not defined
5/31/2002 by Seth Dillingham
On 5/31/02, John VanDyk said: >Error: Can't evaluate the expression because

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