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RE: installation problems

Subject RE: installation problems
Posted 5/31/2002; 5:19 PM by Ned Balzer
Last Modified 5/31/2002; 5:19 PM by Ned Balzer
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Hi Seth (and everybody),

I've got other projects so unfortunately only can work on this in fits and starts. Today I finally had time to try some of your suggestions out, so I upgraded the Frontier server to v 8.0.5, and also updated all the roots I could think of (frontier,mainResponder, manila, prefs, TheXMLroot). I tried to update Installconversant.root too, but got an error: 'Can't update the root because "The server,, returned error code 4: Can't send you an update because the sysop hasn't registered a database named "InstallConversant.root".."

Probably because Conversant isn't distributed by Userland! Maybe also because conversant insn't installed yet.

Anyway, I then tried to run the installer.ftds script again and got exactly the same results: - got the message inside frontier that the installer would open in my browser - a browser window opened at address, with a 404 - I edited the URL to read - I got a blank browser screen

Any idea what I should try next?


-- Ned

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RE: installation problems
5/31/2002 by Seth Dillingham
On 5/31/02, Ned Balzer said: >I've got other projects so unfortunately only

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