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RE: installation problems

Subject RE: installation problems
Posted 5/31/2002; 7:24 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 5/31/2002; 7:24 PM by Seth Dillingham
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On 5/31/02, Ned Balzer said:

>I've got other projects so unfortunately only can work on this in fits
>and starts.  Today I finally had time to try some of your suggestions
>out, so I upgraded the Frontier server to v 8.0.5, and also updated all
>the roots I could think of (frontier,mainResponder, manila, prefs,

For our purposes, the only one that mattered was Frontier.root.

>I tried to update Installconversant.root too, but got an error: 'Can't
>update the root because "The server,, returned error
>code 4: Can't send you an update because the sysop hasn't registered a
>database named "InstallConversant.root".."
>Probably because Conversant isn't distributed by Userland! Maybe also
>because conversant insn't installed yet.

Actually, there are two reasons you saw that error message:

1. Your copy of Frontier hasn't been told who to contact for an update to the installer, so it tried to contact userland (that's the default). Userland doesn't have an update to the installer.

2. We don't provide automatic updates for the installer anyway, so even if Frontier had requested the update from one of Macrobyte's servers, there still would have been an error message like that one.

>Anyway, I then tried to run the installer.ftds script again and got
>exactly the same results:
>- got the message inside frontier that the installer would open in my
>- a browser window opened at address
>, with a 404
>- I edited the URL to read
>- I got a blank browser screen
>Any idea what I should try next?

It looks to me like you have another "web responder" grabbing the request that should have gone to the installer.

Although the page you listed (the second one which should have worked) appears blank, if you view the source you'll see that there's a very minimal web page containing "<%"this is a test"%>".

Here's a guess: you have a "tool" running whose name starts a letter lower than "i" (so it would be hit before the installer's), and which includes an incomplete web responder whose condition is something like "return true" (or a script which always returns true).

Can you give us a list of what is in your user.webser.responders table?

I'd like to help you work this out, I'll send you my telephone number in a separate (private) email. Hopefully what we learn here will help us create a better installer.


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RE: installation problems
6/4/2002 by Balzer, Ned
I have succeeded in installing conversant. Thanks to Seth, the trick turned

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