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RE: First Look at the Documentation Outline

Subject RE: First Look at the Documentation Outline
Posted 6/11/2002; 11:26 PM by Mark Morgan
Last Modified 6/11/2002; 11:26 PM by Mark Morgan
In Response To RE: First Look at the Documentation Outline (#301)
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My two cents, worth both pennies:

There is no mention of developing new wizards. As an end user I'd like to see wizards be part of the development process. How is a wizard built? Is it a plugin? This can be important for developers building applications to be used by the less technically inclined amongst us.

Sam's comments about finding the templates bring up an interesting point. In Conversant there is often a particular way of thinking about how to solve a problem. For example, there are two sets of templates for most Page Types: the one that wraps the page type, and various templates that are generated by the page. (An example of the latter are the templates that control the look and feel of an Advanced Query Page's headers and footers.) Or controlling advanced functionality (like, date formatting) through macro coding instead of, say, by radio buttons in the admin system.

All this made doubly more interesting by the fact that nothing in that paragraph cannot be overriden by a plugin.

I don't know how much of this philosophicalism a developer needs up front to get programming in Conversant, but as an end user learning it was an important step in understand Conversant.

In my opinion, there is not enough discussion (from the outline header point of view) of the other two basic ways to interact with Conversant, via e-mail and through a newsreader. While Herald isn't available at least at the moment, the trimodal, we let you do it your way nature of Conversant is its greatest strength. For example, you have "Creating a Conversant Site" might be "Your first Conversation" to better abstract it from "website + cool features". I'd like to see developers from the get go thinking things like "hey, I could build a serious Yahoo! Groups killer in this thing!"

First developer to write that "give Mark a pony" plugin gets my undying gratitude...

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