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Posted 6/14/2002; 12:59 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 6/14/2002; 12:59 PM by Seth Dillingham
In Response To HTTP Authentication: how can I hard-code it in the URL? (#309)
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On 6/14/02, Clark Venable said:

>I'm going to be using HTTP authentication in Conversant to limit
>access to our intranet site at
>Seth wrote a tool for me called Downstreamer which can synchronize
>what's on the web with what's on the user hard disk. It uses a simple
>http url get a directory.opml file. Is there a way for this continue
>to work if I start using HTTP authentication? Would I hard code the
>username and password in to the url

(What Clark didn't make clear here is that Downstreamer runs in Radio Userland, and has nothing to do with Conversant.)

I think that adding the username and password into the URL would work, but that means that everybody running the downstreamer will have to do that, and then whenever they change their passwords they'll have to remember to change the URL. Not good.

Probably the best solution is to simply add support for HTTP Authentication to the downstreamer.


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