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RE: stylesheets

Subject RE: stylesheets
Posted 6/14/2002; 2:33 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 6/14/2002; 2:33 PM by Seth Dillingham
In Response To RE: First Look at the Documentation Outline (#312)
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On 6/14/02, Clark Venable said:

>Consider section within CSS on limitations. Specifically, when order
>of css elements is important, it may be best to use an external
>stylesheet editor and not store the style sheet in Converersant.
>(please correct me if I'm wrong on this.)

Actually, that's no longer true. There's an update to Conversant today with a major rewrite to the stylesheet editor, courtesy Greg Pierce. It no longer changes the order of elements unless you use the multi-field editor (which is no longer the default).

Basically, if you're using the single-field editor, whatever you submit is what will be served as the stylesheet.


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