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RE: First Look at the Documentation Outline

Subject RE: First Look at the Documentation Outline
Posted 6/17/2002; 2:41 PM by Samuel Reynolds
Last Modified 6/18/2002; 8:51 AM by Samuel Reynolds
In Response To RE: First Look at the Documentation Outline (#312)
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> Plugins-->Overview-->Community-produced

FWIW, I was thinking about generalizing the 3rd party Plugins site ( to include plugins for both Manila and Conversant, instead of just Manila. Not much demand yet, but now that developers have their hands on Conversant....

Whether or no, a directory of plugins available for Conversant would be a Good Thing.

> Something about pre-bound url's (/signup, for example).
> To be clear, what I mean is url's that yield a page without having to
> define it in the siteStructure.

I think I'd prefer "reserved paths" or "reserved URLs" (and make sure the site admin can't overwrite them by creating pages with the same names!).

- Sam

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