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Subject "serverData"?
Posted 6/28/2002; 4:02 PM by Jim Roepcke
Last Modified 6/28/2002; 4:02 PM by Jim Roepcke
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500 Internal server Error

The server has encountered an error processing your request.
Error: Can't find a sub-table named "serverData".
Time: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 20:52:38 GMT
Please report this error to the Webmaster.
["Macintosh HD:Applications:Radio:Guest Databases:ops:Conversant

I updated my installation yesterday but I didn't get any new parts.
Maybe it got some new parts overnight automatically. Things were
working yesterday... I get the same error message at the URL
/website/index which I visited yesterday.

Any ideas?


Jim Roepcke
Tyrell Software Corp <>

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I don't have a ConversantData.serverData table...
6/28/2002 by Jim Roepcke
Did a little digging, I don't have a ConversantData.serverData table. In my

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