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Installation problem

Subject Installation problem
Posted 6/28/2002; 6:00 PM by Jim Roepcke
Last Modified 6/28/2002; 6:00 PM by Jim Roepcke
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Trying to install 1.0b3 on Radio 8.0.8 on my workstation to see what
ConversantData.serverData looks like.

Got through the install (skipped the email part), but after clicking
Next--> on the /installconversant/complete/firstSite page, I get this

(that button goes to:

> 500 Server Error
> Error: CanÕt evaluate the expression because the name ÒadrItemÓ hasnÕt
> been defined.

It's a vanilla Radio install, installed it and then installed


Jim Roepcke
Tyrell Software Corp <>

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RE: Installation problem
9/16/2002 by Steve Ivy
I just had this exact same problem. Was there a fix?

RE: Installation problem
9/16/2002 by Clark Venable
I did an install of Conversant on Radio in OS X yesterday and did NOT see this.

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