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%2F encoding in structure editor

Subject %2F encoding in structure editor
Posted 7/2/2002; 3:11 PM by Jim Roepcke
Last Modified 7/2/2002; 3:11 PM by Jim Roepcke
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This is another mod_proxy oddity.

When it sees an URL like:


mod_proxy gives me an error message:

> Not Found
> The requested URL
> /tyrell/admin/conversations/someconv/structure$path=someconv/index was
> not found on this server.
> Apache/1.3.12 Server at hostname Port 80

However if I use the URL:


Things work perfectly. Since it's not necessary to encode the '/'
character in URLs, could you please consider not encoding the slashes in
the structure editor to remove this inconvenience?



Jim Roepcke
Tyrell Software Corp <>

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