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Re: wp text: on disk (???)

Subject Re: wp text: on disk (???)
Posted 7/2/2002; 7:28 PM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 7/2/2002; 7:28 PM by Seth Dillingham
In Response To wp text: on disk (???) (#339)
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On 7/2/02, Jim Roepcke said:

>I created a new template based on Sample Text Mail READONLY, and the
>resulting template TEXTAREA contained "wp text: on disk" instead of the
>contents of the Sample Text Mail READONLY template.

This is a bug in Radio and Frontier. We don't know of any way to avoid it, and it seems to be totally random. It's also pretty rare.

The only thing you can do is delete the template and create it again.


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