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error page after saving a message

Subject error page after saving a message
Posted 7/4/2002; 12:00 PM by Jim Roepcke
Last Modified 7/4/2002; 12:00 PM by Jim Roepcke
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There must still be something not quite right about my setup, because I
tried to save changes to an edited message... when I hit the Submit
Button I saw this error:

> 500 Internal server Error
> The server has encountered an error processing your request.
> Error: Can't evaluate the expression because the name "flEnabled"
> hasn't been defined.
> Time: Thu, 04 Jul 2002 16:51:41 GMT
> Please report this error to the Webmaster.
> ["Macintosh HD:Applications:Radio:Guest Databases:ops:Conversant
> Data.root"].ConversantData.websites

However, I just noticed that the message body is actually saved! So it
must be happening after the save occurs.


Jim Roepcke
Tyrell Software Corp <>

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