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Re: Please clarify "Incoming Address"

Subject Re: Please clarify "Incoming Address"
Posted 9/20/2002; 9:40 AM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 9/20/2002; 9:40 AM by Seth Dillingham
In Response To Please clarify "Incoming Address" (#386)
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On 9/20/02, Clark Venable said:

>In the conversation preferences for e-mail, under the 'outgoing mail'
>tab is an item labeled 'Incoming Address'.  What exactly should this
>be?  I *think* it needs to be the e-mail address for the conversation
>without the -subscribe, -unsubscribe, -confirm,  -site suffixes.
>The help for this item could be updated to be more, um, helpful. 
>Right now, it says: Base address for incoming mail. This is the
>address for sending messages to your site via email.
>The only hint here is the term 'Base address'. Please clarify this
>help item.

This is a sneaky preference, actually.

If you're a zone or conversation administrator, it's a non-editable pref that just displays the email address for sending messages to the conversation. So it might say, "".

However, if you're a server admin, it's the "base address"... the address without any of the -site, -subscribe, -unsubscribe, or -confirm extensions. Only the server admin is allowed to change this setting. So it might say "".

As the server admin, you can change the base address for your conversation. If you change it to something, just make sure that the messages for that address on your mail server are forwarded to Conversant's master incoming address.

Understand now? I realize the pref is a bit confusing.


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