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Possible confusion in admin interface. Opinions?

Subject Possible confusion in admin interface. Opinions?
Posted 9/27/2002; 7:42 AM by Clark Venable
Last Modified 9/27/2002; 7:42 AM by Clark Venable
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I found something that confused me in the admin interface (and caused me to delete some members by accident, including my department chairman!).

In the Conversations part of the admin section, there's an Important Note at the bottom suggesting admins use the New Conversation Wizard to add a conversation:

It would be much easier to create it from the New Conversation wizard, which takes care of everything
with a link emanating from the phrase 'New Conversation'. When I follow the link I come to a page entitled "Site Setting Wizard". I interpret this meaning 'setting for the new site.' But it's not. It's settings for the current site, with the exception of the New Conversation line.

Shouldn't the link from the conversation admin page to 'New Conversation' go directly to the 'New Conversation' page rather than the page listing all available wizards?


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