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New Custom Field Type: Numbers

Subject New Custom Field Type: Numbers
Posted 10/11/2002; 9:17 AM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 10/11/2002; 9:17 AM by Seth Dillingham
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We've released a new custom field type for Conversant, called "Number".

It's simple. Use it for adding numeric data to your messges, to be treated as an actual whole number, rather than as text (for sorting, searching, and comparison with other numbers).

Read more about custom fields.

This gives us a total of six custom field types: boolean, short text, long text, number, popup menu (which store a single value from a pre-defined list), and multi-select lists (which store a list of values from a pre-defined list).

All custom fields are indexed and searchable, automatically, and a conversation can have any number of custom fields.

We're working on a custom plugin (for a client) which imports XML documents from a web source into a conversation. We added this field type because some of the data in the xml is numeric, and it made more sense to store it in a field designed to store only numbers.

If you have any questions, please post them here.


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