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Re: Last-Modified and ETags

Subject Re: Last-Modified and ETags
Posted 11/25/2002; 11:20 AM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 11/25/2002; 11:20 AM by Seth Dillingham
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On 11/25/02, Clark Venable said:

>I'm working on making my sites more search engine friendly (and wget
>friendly).  I can't find a concise description of how to insititute
>Last-Modified and ETags.  Are they something I put in my templates?
>Is it something Conversant generates? If so, can I control what it

Last-Modified and ETag headers do not go anywhere in the document. They're only a webserver feature, and are sent as parameters of an HTTP connection between two computers. It's totally a programmer issue, not something webmasters ever have to deal with.

ETag headers are generated automatically for every page in Conversant. Last-Modified headers are generated for those pages that track this type of information, but it's all done automatically.


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