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RE: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN "

Subject RE: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN "
Posted 3/30/2004; 11:23 AM by Duncan Smeed
Last Modified 3/30/2004; 11:23 AM by Duncan Smeed
In Response To Re: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN " (#419)
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>The first thing I would try here is updating all of your
>Conversant-related .root files.
>The easiest way to do that is to open Radio and choose the "Conversant
>-> Updates -> All" menu item.
>It's possible that some of your .root files aren't set up properly for
>root updates. Watch as everything is updated, and see if there are any

Will do. It'll need to wait until tomorrow at the earliest since the
server is locked away and the support guys aren't around here.
>Root updates are configured in user.rootupdates.servers.

Thanks for the reminder
>Specifically, I'd make sure that the AttSearchEngine.root is able to be
>updated and is up to date.

OK. I'll keep an eye open for update errors. I seem to recall some
problems the last time we did the updates.

Thanks for the rapid response.


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RE: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN "
3/30/2004 by Seth Dillingham
On 3/30/04, Duncan Smeed said: >>It's possible that some of your .root files

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