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RE: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN "

Subject RE: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN "
Posted 3/30/2004; 11:31 AM by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 3/30/2004; 11:31 AM by Seth Dillingham
In Response To RE: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN " (#420)
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On 3/30/04, Duncan Smeed said:

>>It's possible that some of your .root files aren't set up properly for
>>root updates. Watch as everything is updated, and see if there are any
>Will do.  It'll need to wait until tomorrow at the earliest since the
>server is locked away and the support guys aren't around here.

Although you don't have a support agreement ;-), I'm willing to put in a little time via VNC or TB2 if you need it.


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RE: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN "
3/30/2004 by Duncan Smeed
On 30-3-04 11:31, Seth Dillingham <> wrote: [snip] > >Although

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