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RE: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN "

Subject RE: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN "
Posted 4/13/2004; 6:19 PM by Duncan Smeed
Last Modified 4/13/2004; 6:19 PM by Duncan Smeed
In Response To Re: Error: Unknown operator: "MIN " (#419)
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On 30-3-04 11:16, Seth Dillingham <> wrote:
>On 3/30/04, Duncan Smeed said:
>>I've been creating a number of new sites under a couple of zones on
>>my Conversant server. The later sites are coughing up the following
>>error when trying to display the Message Center messages [this refers
>>to a test site that has just been set up as a 'Regular' website]:
>The first thing I would try here is updating all of your
>Conversant-related .root files.
>The easiest way to do that is to open Radio and choose the "Conversant
>-> Updates -> All" menu item.
>It's possible that some of your .root files aren't set up properly for
>root updates. Watch as everything is updated, and see if there are any

OK. Updated earlier today...
>Root updates are configured in user.rootupdates.servers.
>Specifically, I'd make sure that the AttSearchEngine.root is able to be
>updated and is up to date.

...and all seemed well with all the .root updates.

Alas, when I tried accessing the /messages page of some of the sites
that threw up the error the same thing happened.

Then I remembered that I hadn't done a __learnaddress__ on any of the
sites I recently created - not even the ones that didn't exhibt the
error. So that's what I did and this seems to have fixed the problem.

I did a __learnaddress__ on my master site and then cloned from that
with success.

Interestingly enough, I tried my test site *before* __learnaddress__ing
and that now worked. So, it looks like that whatever __learnaddress__
tickled worked for the message pages for all the sites.



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