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Topic: [ANN] Conversant 1.0b1

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[ANN] Conversant 1.0b1 (#229)
Posted: 5/21/2002; 11:15 AM by Seth Dillingham
Modified: 5/22/2002; 11:20 AM by Seth Dillingham
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After three years in development, Macrobyte Resources is pleased to announce the release of Conversant 1.0b1.

What is it?

Conversant is a flexible web application development platform, with emphasis on groupware applications such as Intranets, project work groups and collaborative learning environments. It provides exceptional integration of web, email, and even news-based (NNTP) collaboration.

Features of the standard version of Conversant include: membership management, discussion groups, news sites and weblogs, a flexible search engine, database customization, and more. Conversant can also be easily enhanced and customized by both developers and site managers."

Conversant runs on Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP), Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 on top of the UserLand Frontier(tm) or Radio UserLand(tm) server environments.
Secure Conversant Servers
Conversant integrates transparently with TLS, Macrobyte's security module for Frontier and Radio, to instantly provide all of your site content over https. Securing your Conversant-based sites is as easy as installing TLS (sold separately) and changing a single preference in Conversant.

See for more info.

Hundreds of websites are already using Conversant through Macrobyte Resources consulting and hosting services, including the popular "Free-Conversant" service (, but this is the first public release of Conversant.

Macrobyte Resources, founded in 1992, is a custom software development and consulting company based in Mystic, CT. More information on Macrobyte and our other products and services is available at

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