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Topic: What About Conversant?

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What About Conversant? (#440)
Posted: 10/18/2007; 8:20 AM by Seth Dillingham
Modified: 10/18/2007; 8:20 AM by Seth Dillingham
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With all the work we do on BBEdit for Bare Bones these days, some friends and clients have asked me, "What about Conversant?"

Conversant is still loved, don't worry. In fact, here are the three things I'm working on, and hope to have ready by the end of the year:

  • Tagging — Enough with the annoying ‘category checkboxes.’ Other sites and systems have proven a million times over that people prefer free form tagging. (That is, "categorize" your messages by typing words or quoted phrases, rather than selecting from a predefined list of checkboxes.) Not that the old way will go away. They may even work together.
  • Tweeting - Sites (conversations), zones and servers will be able to tweet. Because it's easy, that's why.
  • MySQL - This one has been on hold, but I can't let it wait forever. We'll be able to move individual sites over to a SQL database. This may or may not be done by the end of the year.
RE: What About Conversant? (#967)
Posted: 5/1/2012; 8:20 AM by soccershoes10
Modified: 5/1/2012; 8:20 AM by soccershoes10
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