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Formatting Dates in Conversant


Topic: Formatting Dates in Conversant

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Formatting Dates in Conversant (#307)
Posted: 6/10/2002; 12:14 PM by Seth Dillingham
Modified: 6/10/2002; 12:18 PM by Seth Dillingham
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We've just posted a long page of docs that describes how to format dates with all of the date macros in Conversant.

(Those are "user-level" docs. The developer docs will include an additional section on directly accessing the date formatter, as well as how to provide your own localization sets in custom plugins, which is incredibly easy to do.)

This is probably a lot to absorb. You may want to start out with a little "play time" with these new formatting options. The keywords are very easy to work with, of course, but when you start using the more advanced formatting codes you're at least going to have to look at the chart pretty frequently.

You can get the new date formatting tools in your own copy of Conversant by updating everything. Choose the "Conversant -> Update -> All" menu item in Radio or Frontier.

Let us know what you think, please, and of course we're here to help with any questions.


P.S. The codes we've used may seem a bit odd, but we didn't come up with them ourselves. They're a standard, used by Apache and PHP and many other apps (not just server environments, either).

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