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Topic: Why should you use Conversant?

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Why should you use Conversant? (#325)
Posted: 6/19/2002; 11:16 AM by Mark Morgan
Modified: 6/19/2002; 11:16 AM by Mark Morgan
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Greetings, developers. This forum is intended to be for tech support for Conversant development, but I hope you don't mind if I intrude for a moment to do a little prosletyzing.

I'm the Conversant Evangelist (self-appointed) and not an employee of Macrobyte Resources. I just use the product and I'd like to see everyone else on Earth use it.

Today's reason to use it is because of it's incredible willingness to work with your own or your client's existing systems. Take the most basic system of all: e-mail. It's easy to think of Conversant as a webserver--that's what I use it for--but it's a collaboration tool. E-mail remains the single most ubiquitous collaboration tool in companies, bar none. Whenever the Exchange server goes down at my work we have to revert to the grueling process of the long hike to the other side of the building. Takes at least one minute to slog all the way over there, and then you have to actually talk to the person face to face, they can ask you questions, yuch.

Hence e-mail. Jon Udell posted the other day "Email's ubiquity remains its overwhelming virtue, and there is a bright future for systems...which recognize that fact."

He was responding to comments by Steve Yost, which was in turn talking about this Boston Globe article and these comments: "First is the need for the technology to show real business results real fast - rather than just ''greasing'' the way work gets done in an intangible way. Some people believe that e-mail will remain the dominant collaborative technology, and it will be hard for other, more complex software packages to supplant it."

And how many of you are keeping track of this discussion via e-mail? I have subscribed to all the Conversant sites I'm responsible for as I'm a complete control freak and I want to make sure I don't miss a thing. I love being able to forward private conversations to a searchable browsable web archive. What's not to love? Every company and every organization you encounter in your developer careers is going to have e-mail. Here's a tool to slide right into that culture.

Thank you for your time.

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