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Need help on e-mail subscription


Topic: Need help on e-mail subscription

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Need help on e-mail subscription (#395)
Posted: 10/3/2002; 5:00 PM by Clark Venable
Modified: 10/3/2002; 6:30 PM by Clark Venable
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What I did: I set up a new conversation, then edited the incoming address field on the 'Outgoing Mail' tab at preferences$plugin=Email%20Interface§ion=Outgoing%20Mail based on a prior help request to reflect the incoming popmail address, minus the -site, -subscribe, etc. I set up the forwarders on communigate pro. When I send an e-mail to, I can see from the mailserver logs that the message is received, and subsequently picked up by Conversant.

What happened: No new members show up in the admin section.

What I expected: person would show up as a member of the conversation

Does the 'Wait Interval' affect these actions?

If not, now long after an e-mail subscription request should a member be created?

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