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Summary of Bugs Fixed in the Last Week


Topic: Summary of Bugs Fixed in the Last Week

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Summary of Bugs Fixed in the Last Week (#396)
Posted: 10/5/2002; 2:09 PM by Seth Dillingham
Modified: 10/5/2002; 2:17 PM by Seth Dillingham
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There have been quite a few bugs fixed in the last week. While not all of them affect the average user, they all affect server administrators and developers in one way or another. Some of these, especially the last one, are quite significant.

To get these changes, make sure all of your Conversant-related Guest Databases are up to date. Any questions, you're welcome to post them here.

  • Log File Subscriptions. You can subscribe to a conversation's log files, to receive them by email each night. A bug caused the log for the wrong date to be mailed out on the first of the month. (Re-requesting the log manually, for the correct date, worked.)

  • Plugin Loading. When Conversant starts up, it loads the plugins from the "apps/Conversant Plugins" folder. In fact, it was loading every file in this folder, regardless of the type of the file. (On MacOS X, for example, it would open the invisible .DS_Store file in a text window.) FIXED. Now Conversant only opens files whose names don't begin with a period and whose names DO end with ".root" (Frontier/Radio Guest Databases)

  • Email Interface plugin. Changing a conversation's base address can only be done by a server admin, in the conversation's "Email" prefs. A bug caused Conversant to ignore the change until Conversant was restarted. This is fixed, changes to the base address are now recognized immediately.

    [URL to Conversation]/admin/conversations/[convId]/preferences$pluginId=Email%20Interface

    (The base address for conversations are the addresses that Conversant watches for incoming email, telling it what actions to take and where to route the mail. If you want to know more about the base addresses, just ask.)

  • Stylesheets. Stylesheets have two editors: one big text field, and separate text fields for each selector, with tabs at the top for switching back and forth between the two. However, when editing a stylesheet in one editor, clicking on the tab for the other editor would cause it to open the first stylesheet in the list (this was a bug). Now that this is fixed, you can switch back and forth between the two editors (but remember to save your changes first).

  • Joining a Conversation by Email. Conversant, via the Email Interface plugin, allows new members to sign up as members of a conversation, and sign up for the conversation's mailing list, by sending a message to the "[convId]-subscribe" email address. This feature can be disabled by setting a security pref to prevent new members from signing up at all. A bug in the sign-up-by-email system prevented the process from completing if the security pref had never been saved (it wasn't using the default value).

  • Changing Email Address or Password. This is the biggest bug fix of all. There were a number of problems related to changing your email address and/or password in the [convId]/members/settings area of a conversation (which is like the member's control panel). Problems ranged from being asked to log on again (repeatedly), to not being able to log on again without restarting your browser, to error messages being displayed in the browser from the server. These have all been fixed, and changing your user name and/or password should now be quite easy.

    (Along with #6 is the fix from a couple weeks ago, in which any user can have his/her password reset automatically.)

It's been a busy week!


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