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Conversant 1.0b3 Released

This is the third public release of Conversant, Macrobyte's groupware and content management system. Beta 3 is a pre-release version, and is primarily intended as a developer's release.

This pre-release software expires at Noon on July 2, 2002. However, an updater is available which changes the expiration date to January 1, 2003.

We expect this to be the last version of Conversant with a fixed expiration date. Future versions will include a new software licensing tool which will handle the 30 day trial period, as well as allowing you to license Conversant according to our various licensing options.

This software is for people who want to run their own Conversant installations (or want to run Conversant installations for their customers). If you wish to evaluate Conversant without downloading and installing the software, you may sign up for a free test drive at

System Requirements

Conversant requires an up-to-date copy of UserLand Frontier™, or Radio UserLand™, running on Windows, MacOS X, or MacOS 8/9. UserLand offers free 30 day trial versions of both applications if you wish to try out Conversant.


A license is included with the installer. Please read the license before installing Conversant. If you do not agree to the terms of the license, you must not install the software.


Please see the Read Me file included with the download for instructions on getting started with the installation. The install is managed via a browser-based wizard.

Radio UserLand users on MacOS 8/9 should adjust the application's memory partition to at least double the default amount before installing Conversant.


Format Download Size
Windows, self-expanding archive Conversant_1.0b3.exe 1.5MB
Macintosh (9 or X) Stuffit format Conversant_1.0b3.sit 1.4MB
MacOS 9 self-expanding archive, MacBinary format Conversant_1.0b3.sea.bin 1.5MB
MacOS 9 self-expanding archive, binhex format Conversant_1.0b3.sea.hqx 2.1MB
Web page for updater with later expiration date Updater 2.1MB

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